SNK Market Data Research

SNK Market Data Research is an ITIL-based IT Service Management and IT solution provider, designed and built with industry best practices and real-world customers in mind. Centred around a powerful business process automation engine & Integration,

SNKMDR streamlines day-to-day operations and improves the efficiency of ITIL services, Knowledge Management, Organization and Contact Management, and more.

Targeted for medium and large business environments, SNKMDR offers an intuitive, comprehensive, and easy-to-use approach for running IT Services and Customer Management (CRM). SNKMDR's flexibility and customization potential offer unrivalled power to tailor your data flow and workflow & Integration to your specific business needs and priorities.

It is no surprise SNKMDR is successfully deployed various IT solutions to a broad spectrum of industries, from Thailand Insurance, Malaysia Insurance, Adjusting, Towing Call centre to UK Based Distribution & E-commerce organizations.

Why US?

  • Reduce implementation time with a strong foundation of ITIL best practices out-of-box,

  • Shape the product to your company with an extremely powerful, flexible and intelligent task-oriented workflow,

  • Ensure flexibility, security, and accessibility of your data through SNK hosting,

  • Easily integrate with 3rd party ( call Center system , Payment Gateways , Notification , Distribution)  systems with a comprehensive API

  • Find peace of mind with highly knowledgeable and understanding team,

  • Eliminate hidden costs by leveraging the flexible licensing and pricing model.


Product Features

Allclaims Estimating System
Allclaims Business Intelligence.

Allclaims is a cloud-based claims system that allows easy access to the entire claim process anytime, anywhere without interruptions.

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Allclaims BI in short is a cloud-based Loss Adjusting system that allows easy access to the entire Loss Adjusting investigation process anytime, anywhere without interruptions.


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RoadRanger assists you with incident resolution service management, it resolves incidents quickly. It provides all operative processes necessary for the handling of Road Side assistance service without interruptions.


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Access critical customer data, including organization and contact information to easily track the origin of sales, sales history, and many more. Cols365’s centralized repository of contact information is essential for effective customer & sales engagement.

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My Motor Pal
Telecom Commissioning System 

One-Touch Free Mobile app for all car users in Malaysia, which provided various information about a car, such as market value, simple repair estimation, Parts price, Tyer & Batter information and price and many more.


Android IOS


Single point of solution for leading telecom commissioning provider in the UK.


1. Handling Distribution and Sales

2. Movement Tracking.

3. Commission Calculation based on sim activation.

4. E-Commerce portal for retailers

5. Payment Integration.

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Fleet Tracking.

Fleet Tracking system suitable for tracking the various type of vehicle using the device or mobile app.


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Cloud-based web conferencing server. You can create your rooms to host sessions or join others using a short and convenient link.

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Certified Professional

Lean Six Sigma certified.

Agile Scrum Master.

PMP & ITIL Certified.

Machine Learning & Data Science Certified.

Docker Certified.

Galera Cluster & MariaDB MySQL Replication & Advance MySQL & MariaDB



image-1622717387990.pngimage-1622717326221.pngimage-1622717287328.png image-1622717850355.pngimage-1622717881293.pngimage-1622717915139.png


Technology / IT Services.

Full Stack Development
Cross Platform Mobile App Development



CI/CD Using Azure / Jenkins / Tools
image-1622719960942.png image-1622719996042.png
Machine Learning
Web Scrapping



Window & Linux Servers
Proxmox & Virtualization



Apache Kafka  Distributed event streaming
Fluentd (FEK)  Data collection and consumption



Back Up & Restore



Distributed indexing, replication &
IBM / HP Mainframes





Whether you are struggling with managing your IT Team, handling the numerous development issues and service desk requests, or any of the other IT-related situations that need your attention on a daily basis, we are the solution you can rely on.

We are excited to have the opportunity to provide you with this exceptional tool & solutions because we are 100% confident it will allow your organization to obtain the highest levels of efficiency. Your success is SNKMDR’s success!