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Hence forth we use [ our website] or company to represent any of the following website developed and maintained by SNK Market data research sdn. Bhd.

  1. www.snkmdr.com | *.snkmd.com*
  2. www.auto-boxe.com | *.auto-boxe.com*
  3. www.cols365.com | *.cols365.com*
  4. www.allclaims.com.my | *.allclaims.com.my*

Hence forth we use [ our Mobile Application] or [Our Mobile App] to represent any of the following website developed and maintained by SNK Market data research sdn. Bhd.

  1. Allclaims-TH
  2. Allclaims MY
  3. Allclaims BI
  4. COLS365
  6. MMP

Hence forth we use retailer to represent vendors who signed up with our company for selling their product using [ our website] or [Our Mobile App].

Operational Procedure between the company and the customer

1.1 The customer shall be able to purchase the product via [Our Website] or [Our Mobile App].

1.2 Upon payment completion by the customer, provided the customer has registered a valid email address when using the [Our Website] or [Our Mobile App]  Portal, an Order summary shall be automatically sent by [Our Website] or [Our Mobile App] to the Customer's email.

1.3 The Customer shall be able to pick up or [delivery to customer via delivery service] the Product at the designated locations as may be selected by the Customer when purchasing via the [Our Website] or [Our Mobile App].

1.4 The company shall arrange pickup of items from the Retailer and arrange for shipping and delivery to customers, based on the certain terms & condition agreed by company & retailer.

1.5 All goods are considered sold and non refundable subjected to return policy, upon collection at Retailers pick up point. The Retailer will ensure all items are in good condition and as advertised.

Operational Procedure between the Retailer and the Customer

2.1 Customer Contact

Subject to (Confidentiality; Privacy and Data Protection) of this Agreement, and of the Retailer is required to contact a Customer for the purposes if delivering the Product, the Company shall provide the Retailer with such relevant Customer Information on the Retailer Portal.

2.2 Customer Service

(a) The Retailer shall ensure a smooth customer service process, including answering any Customer complaints in writing within a short time frame.

(b) The Company reserves the right at any time to respond to Customer complaints, including by contacting Customers directly; and where necessary, the Retailer shall provide such assistance required by the Company in resolving the complaint.

(c)  If the Company provides compensation in the form of refund and/or damages to a Customer in connection with a Customer complaint, the Retailer shall bear the compensation amount which shall be set off against any amounts owed by the Company to the Retailer if sufficiently owed. If the amount is insufficient, the Retailer shall reimburse the Company directly for the compensation awarded to the Customer.

(d) The Retailer shall ensure that it provides the Customer with complete and accurate address; hours and dates of operations; and a valid phone number. If any of the information related to the designation pick-up location changes or [delivery to customer via delivery service], the Retailer shall promptly notify the Company in writing such changes.

Operational Procedure between the Retailer and the Company

3.1 Upon confirmation of payment by the Customer, the Company shall:

(a) email an Order request to the Retailer; and

(b) update the Retailer Portal with the Order Information.

3.2 It shall be the responsibility of the Retailer to ensure that:

(a) The Product is available for pick at the designation pick up location  following the Company's email on the Order Information.

(b) The Product has been picked up by Company from the Retailer for delivery to customer.

(c) If the Product is not picked up by Company within the relevant time provided to the Customer on the [Our Website] or [Our Mobile App] Portal, the Company  shall issue a refund of the Sales Proceeds to the Customer; or the Company may process such refund on the Retailer's behalf, whichever deemed as more expedient and suitable as may be decided by the Company;

(d) the Company  shall update the Retailer Portal upon collection of the Product by the Customer; and

(e) Any Retailer terms and conditions between the Retailer and the Customer is updated as and when required, the Retailer provides the Customer terms and conditions to the Company in the format requested by the Company and to ensure that Customers are complying with the said Customer terms and conditions.